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New idean in an old bolle - Bottle wall garden
Jun 27, 2017
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Make a bottle wall garden

This time, let the popular adage read, 'new idea in an old bottle'. For, the unused bottles you might have wanted to throw away can actually be used to enhance the green quotient in your home. Simply place a plant or long-stemmed flowers in a bright coloured bottle on your desk or by the window to add a vibrant look to the place. You can also do a vertical garden that makes for a solution to a space-challenged home.t to continue as the coach," read the statement further.



Got a wall that's blank? This time, instead of hanging the usual photo frames on it, opt for some horizontal greenery via a plant bottle wall. Choose the herbs like thyme, rosemary and cilantro for this. To start, cut out the mid-section of the bottle and place the soil and plant inside. You can also have a vertical design, where you cut the bottle in half and turn them upside down so that the water from the open neck of the bottle drips onto another bottle. It's nifty and aesthetic, too!


Courtesy : thetimesofindia