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Want to lose weight in Ramadan?
Jun 23, 2017
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How to lose weight in Ramadan?

To keep a check on your weight during this fasting season we bring to you 7 healthy tips. These points will help your Ramadan fasting to be beneficial for your body by keeping it light and active.


Lose weight

The sehri or suhour is quintessential. Many of us make the mistake of skipping suhour or just drinking a glass of water in suhour and go for fasting for the entire day. It is unhealthy. Have a well-balanced suhour so that your body has enough nutrients to be active throughout the day.


Have healthy iftars. Don’t be unprepared and eat anything and everything while breaking the fast. Go by the rule of breaking the fast with a few dates and water. Have a healthy iftar with fresh juices, soups, salads etc.


Eat moderately. Have your main meal during iftar in such a way that it includes healthy carbohydrates like rice, whole wheat flour preparations, proteins like lean meat, chicken, good fats from nuts like almonds, walnuts and fibre rich vegetables and fruits. For rice dishes, you can alway opt for brown rice.


Do not become inactive during the month. We know, fasting for an entire day without even a drop of water can be tiring. But don’t become inactive. Make sure you go for some simple physical activities like walking after iftars.


For iftars, always include warm soups. These will keep you full and prevent you from overeating.


Go for healthy cooking methods like grilling, boiling etc. Also, wherever you can, try to add spices and herbs to your foods. These will add flavour as well as health.


Be sure your body is ready for fasting. Often due to certain issues your body might not react to the fast in a healthy way. In that case, consult a physician.