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Here’s how to keep your dog cool this summer
Jun 23, 2017
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Here’s how to keep your dog cool this summer

As much as you are bearing the scorching heat and are vulnerable to a heatstroke, so is your pet dog. And while you can switch on the air conditioner as per your convenience, sip down coolers whenever you feel like or go for a quick swimming session, your furry friend is totally dependent on you to beat the heat.

If you think just placing a bowl of water in your house is all that is required to keep your pooch cool, then you need to read these pointers on how you can ensure your pet is safe from the heat wave this summer.

First, let's start from basics. Canines generally knock over their water bowls and sit on the wet floor. So whenever you leave your pet alone at home, make sure the bowl can't be knocked over and there's ample water available in the house.

Don't leave your pooch in the car alone, even if you have rolled down the windows or parked the car in shade. The temperature inside cars tends to be higher than outside. Dogs cool themselves by panting, and if the air around them is too hot, the situation can be fatal.

At home, make sure your dog stays in a cool and well-ventilated room. "One does not need to keep the air conditioner switched on round the clock to keep the pet comfortable. The temperature of the room should be somewhere between 24 to 30 degree Celsius. If the weather is good outside, then simply drawing the curtains and opening the windows to let the cool breeze come in is also a good option. The pet must not be addicted to staying in air-conditioned rooms only," shares Dr Ashok Kaushik.

Your pet needs a sunscreen too and in fact, there are special ones available for them. Dogs get sunburn just like humans and it may lead to their skin peeling off, blisters, pain or even skin cancer. Consult your vet and invest in a good sunscreen to shield the unprotected areas where there is thin or no fur coverage, including nose, ears and lips.

Be extra cautious when you are taking your pooch out for a walk. They may try to drink from puddles that may contain anti-freeze and chemicals.

Since the mercury levels are soaring over 45 degrees Celsius nowadays, it is really important to check the signs of heat stroke in your dog. Some typical symptoms of heat stroke include heavy panting, profuse salivation, a rapid pulse, red gums/tongue, lethargy, vomiting; or loss of consciousness in extreme circumstances.

Make sure you take them out during cooler hours of the day- early morning or late evenings. Plus, prefer walking over grass than pavement as it can burn their paws. Further, don't push them too hard during their daily walks as breeds with shorter noses tend to have difficulty in breathing.

Diet during summers is another important factor that the owners need to keep in mind. "A dog's diet reduces up to 30 percent during this season and the pet owners must not compromise on their daily nutrition intake. You can add glucose to their water, and multi-vitamin capsules in their food, if needed," adds Dr Kaushik.

Should one get their pet shaved? Here's what Dr Anil Sood has to share, "I suggest dogs with long hair should get shaved in summers as it protects them from fungal infections, ticks and other parasites. But make sure you opt for capsules and injections to restrict their movement during the process instead of giving them anaesthesia."

Don't forget, it is a really tough time for the strays and being a pet lover, you must help them too. Try providing them with fresh, clean water on a regular basis, and spray the area around your home with water so that they can rest there for some time of the day. You can feed them dog biscuits and other dog-friendly foods; they won't burn a hole in your pocket if purchased in bulk.

Courtesy : thetimesofindia