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Having trouble while wearing a sari?
Sep 17, 2015
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Having trouble while wearing a sari? Here are some expert tips on absolute no-no’s


A sari works with any kind of figure,. But there are a few things to watch out for:


Don’t overdo the blouse. Keep it simple. If the sari is elaborate, the blouse should be plain.

 Wear blouses appropriate to the occasion. If it is a professional or official event, wear long sleeves. It looks dignified, covers up blemishes and hides discoloured dry elbows. If it is an evening do or a party, by all means go overboard.


-Wear the right accessories.


-A fall always help drape the sari better


-Wear a shaped petticoat/underskirt


Falls are not necessary unless the sari is of chiffon or similar material. If the sari has a border, no fall is required


Satin petticoats stick to the body. Cotton petticoats are fine


Ensure that the petticoat’s length and that of the sari are aligned. The petticoat shouldn’t be too long or too short


-Do not underestimate the power of a well-ironed sari


-Never ignore the fall. True to its name, it makes the sari fall well


-The petticoat/underskirt should not extend below your ankle. Chances of tripping are high



-Do not wear a heavily embellished blouse in a heavily worked sari


-When wearing a sari, either wear a heavy neck piece and light earrings or vice versa. Both should not be chunky


-Wear at least two-inch high heels for a sensuous walk.

- Avoid flat footwear