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How to be the perfect 'new' wife
Sep 10, 2015
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How to be the perfect 'new' wife

So you are getting married soon, obviously you will have a bucket list of things you have to do - which would definitely include shopping and looking ethereal for the D-day.


And you must have already received tons of advice from all quarters on how to be the perfect bride. But in this entire hullabaloo, did anyone tell you what you have to do POST the marriage? Here are a few pointers on how you can please your hubby.


1) Be pleasant: Don't be rude to your husband. Don't be one of those people who make everyone around you feel bad just because you've had a hard day. Welcome him with a smile when he comes home, instead of a sour face. Listen to him talk about his day, especially if it was a difficult one.


2) Show respect: A good wife respects her hubby and never chooses to belittle, humiliate or otherwise harm him in private or in public. It is better to watch what you say and to think your thoughts through before speaking, as it is not possible to take back the words once they have been spoken.


3) Communicate: It is the key to a good and solid marriage. Find time to sit and talk with your husband on a daily basis, even if it is only for half an hour. Fights or problems may happen between the two of you but do not let the world know about it. Solve it between yourselves.


4) Be supportive: A husband expects his wife's support and understanding, especially in times of troubles. Support him in all stages of his career and life. Be proud of his accomplishments and genuinely compliment him. If you don't agree with him, respectfully let him know that.


5) Control the nagging: No man likes a nagging wife. If you want to get your own way, ask him nicely. Nagging can create unwanted rift or make things bad between the two of you.


6) Give him his space: You need to understand your husband has a life other than you too. He has his family, friends and colleagues, who are also a part of his life. He also may have hobbies, so don't always expect his undivided attention.


7) Surprise him: Men like surprises too. It can be anything like organising his surprise birthday party or planning a special night of passion by playing the seductress. Your surprises do not have to be elaborate and can be as simple as making him his favourite meal once in a while.


Source : thetimeofindia