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Show some love to your eyebrows, grow them out
Sep 08, 2015
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Thick is in: Show some love to your eyebrows, grow them out

If you thought the only eye makeup you had to focus on was the signature liner, a swipe of kohl on the waterline and maybe a pair of faux lashes, think again! Power brows can make or break your beauty game, and it’s time you pay them some attention.


Comeback of the bold brows

Over-styled and over-groomed brows are out of fashion ladies, in case you are still following the caterpillar-thin brow route. English model-actor Cara Delevingne has been monumental in bringing back the thick-browed look and celebs have jumped on the bandwagon in full-force. Even our Bollywood ladies have not shied away from sporting eyebrows that frame the face perfectly, without looking painfully thin and forcefully arched.


Adding volume

Apart from your salon appointment, eyebrows also need their own home care regime and product space in your vanity case. Not all of us have bushy brows to start with, so the use of filler makeup that makes them look thicker and more luscious are also vital. “Use a brow shadow to fill in the eyebrows. With an angular brush, apply the shadow on and around the brows, without straying too far from the natural hair line. With an eyebrow pencil, give shape, and for voluminous look, use mascara over the eyebrows,” says makeup expert Kanikka Gauraav Tandon.

Oil therapy and tricks

Your eyebrows need daily care too, which in turn helps in better growth and avoids dryness or flakiness. “Every morning after you bathe, when the brows are wet, comb the hair with an angular brush to give them adequate shape. You can also try massaging your brows with olive oil every night before bed to turn them darker and thicker with time,” says beauty expert Bharti Taneja. “To thicken the eyebrows, the best way is to dip the eyebrow pencil in desi ghee/olive oil/castor oil and apply over the brows daily. Massaging the brows with the pulp of aloe vera plant every alternate day also helps,” adds Tandon.